Hyperlite High Bay Light - Saturn Series - 100W/150W/200W, 5000K, 120V ONLY

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 EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE:  UL listed&IP65 grade make Saturn series more reliable. The light efficiency of 140W light fixture with 120° lens is 140LM/W, and with 240° reflector, it's 125LM/W.


    BEST DISSIPATION PROTECTION: The 1.2inch thick through fins allow for better upward heat dissipation from the lamp beads, Avoid the danger of lamp overheating.

    Heat Dissipation Protection 3 MINS INSTALLATION: With US hook, US plug, 5' cable and safety wire, 150W LED UFO High bay light Saturn series makes the installation much easier.

     OPTIONAL PACKAGE:  Saturn series LED high bay lights provide you with an option. You can get the light fixture with 120° lens (single light) or the light fixture with 240° reflector (Please note that the reflector can't be removed).


      ☎  WIDE APPLICATION:  LED UFO High Bay Light Saturn series can be used in outdoor and indoor, such as the factory, warehouse, gym, shop, shopping mall.


        ufo led lights

        ☎  36 MONTHS WARRANTY:  HYPERLITE offers 36 months warranty! We believe that you will love this light and it will function 100% effectively, but if for some reason it doesn't, we promise to return the products within 30 days free of charge. HYPERLITE will be responsible for all quality issues. Please feel free to contact us and get problems solved!

        New saturn series - high bay light

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        Hyperlite Lighting Design

        We are willing to help electricians or DIYers with lighting solutions. Just provide us with the length, width, and height of the facility and your requirements for illumination, we will provide the lighting layout to you for free.
        For lighting plans, just contact us!


         Lighting Projects Share

        1. Garage; Dimensions: 30'x57'x13'; Item: LED high bay light HERO series 100W 5000K Black version; Quantity: 8

        LED high bay light

        Workshop; Dimensions: 30'x25'x14' (Main work area); Item: LED high bay light HERO series 150W 5000K Black version; Quantity: 4

        LED high bay light

        Shop; Dimensions: 32'x30'x12'; Item: LED linear high bay light WILL series 110W; Quantity: 9

        LED linear high bay light

         Garage&Workshop areas; Dimensions: 76'x52'x14'; Item: 9pcs LED high bay light HERO series 150W 5000K Black version, 3pcs LED high bay light HERO series 100W 5000K Black version


         Shop; Dimensions: 48'x24'x15'; Item: LED high bay light HERO series 150W 5000K White version; Quantity: 6

        LED high bay light

         Workshop; Dimensions: 40'x28'x14'; Item: LED high bay light HERO series 150W 5000K White version with clear reflectors; Quantity: 6


         Workshop; Dimensions: 50'x40'x12'; Item: LED high bay light HERO series 150W 5000K Black version; Quantity: 9


         Workshop; Dimensions: 60'x40'x14'; Item: LED high bay light HERO series 200W 5000K Black version with clear reflectors; Quantity: 6


         Shop; Dimensions: 60'x40'x12'; Item: LED high bay light HERO series 150W 5000K Black version; Quantity: 9


         Workshop; Dimensions: 56'x30'x12'; Item: LED high bay light HERO series 150W 5000K Black version; Quantity: 8


         Shop; Dimensions: 108'x24'x18'; Item: LED linear high bay light WILL series 160W; Quantity: 12


         Exterior wall; Item: LED wall pack light MOON series 50W; Quantity: 3


         Exterior wall; Item: LED solar street light HACO series 1000LM; Quantity: 1


         Exterior wall; Item: LED solar street light HACO series 2500LM; Quantity: 1


        Garage; Item: LED vapor tight light 60W; Quantity: 4


        Subject to the terms and conditions specified in this Limited Warranty, Hyperlite Lighting, is a business of High Bay Company, warrants that lights purchased directly from Hyperlite will be free from defects in material and workmanship until the earlier of five years from the date of manufacture, and 50,000 hours of operation.


        Please note that products with different warranty periods provide different warranty services and warranty time.

        1.The products can be returned within 30 days from the date of receipt, but please also ensure the integrity of the products and the return will not affect their secondary sales. The used or installed products can't be returned due to non-quality problems (dislike or no longer need). If there is any objection, please contact the seller;

        2. If the malfunction or damage of the products is caused by transportation, the buyer needs to contact us and provide evidence (video & pictures) within 15 days from the date of receiving. Providing the buyer fails to do so or no longer replies to us within 15 days after contact, the buyer will be responsible for any loss.
        3.If there are any quality problems over 30 days from the date of receipt, please contact HYPERLITE for a warranty with photos or videos showing product problems and HYPERLITE will help you solve this problem. Buyers can choose to obtain new lights, but the corresponding costs need to be borne by the buyer. Please refer to the following for the cost of obtaining new lights.


        This Limited Warranty is VOID in these situations:
        If purchaser or the user fails to comply with recommendations of Hyperlite;
        If any components are replaced with component of other manufacturers; If the product is operated outside the specified electrical values or is subject to abnormal use or stress, including under/over voltage conditions, excessive switching cycles, and operation in environmental conditions (e.g., ambient temperature) outside normal specified operating range. 


        Please pay attention to the working temperature of light fixture. If the temperature that exceeds the usage limit of light fixture due to natural or  man-made  reasons causes the damge of light fixture, the warranty policy won't cover the lost.


        Hyperlite Company issues a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for all requests for warranty review.  To make a warranty claim, retain the failed Products and notify your Hyperlite sales or customer service representative in writing within thirty (30) days of the failure.  After contacting Hyperlite and receiving an RMA number, Purchaser shall promptly return the Product after receiving instructions regarding if, when, and where to ship the Product. The Product must be returned within 10 days of receiving RMA number, and the shipping box must be clearly marked with RMA number.  Failure to follow this procedure shall void this Limited Warranty. Hyperlite reserves the right to examine all failed Product to determine the cause of failure and patterns of usage and shall be the sole judge as to whether any Product is defective and covered under this Limited Warranty.

        1. Contact customer support via email: service@hi-hyperlite.com
        2. Ship items back to the address provided by our support team.

        All returns must happen within 30 days of the receipt of that product or Hi-hyperlite.com has the right to refuse the return.
        Guidelines for items conditional return:
        ∮ Item must be in original packaging
        ∮ Item must not have been installed or used
        ∮ Packaging material (i.e. wrapping, clam shells) must not have been destroyed or broken

        If the return is caused by the consumer, consumer should be responsible for the shipping fee. The specific fee should be based on the express company you choose.

        If due to our reasons, the goods received are damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason.

        ∮ Please note that we randomly select logistics providers and are unable to accommodate requests for specific ones. Any delays caused by the shipping company are out of our responsibility and we can not compensate for any resulting expenses. We will do our best to assist you in resolving any issues that arise.
        Hyperlite High Bay Light - Saturn Series - 100W/150W/200W, 5000K, 120V ONLY
        100W - 14000lm / 1Pack - $44.99
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