Why you should use LED High Bay Lights for your Warehouse?

Why you should use LED High Bay Lights for your Warehouse?

Why you should use LED High Bay Lights for your Warehouse?

If you have a warehouse, a gym, a factory or other indoor large area which needs a lighting upgrade and especially if it has higher ceilings, from 10ft to 25ft and above, the most common lighting suggestion is to use High Bay Lights.

“High Bay Lights are powerful lights that are capable of evenly illuminating large spaces with little to no glare.” But nowadays the best way to go is to use LED High Bay Lights. LED lighting has overcome all other illumination technologies in every aspect.

First LED lights provide four to six times higher energy efficiency compared to other types of lighting, in other words LEDs can provide the same amount of light or lumens than larger metal halide or fluorescent tubes for a fraction of the power needed, a sixth or a quarter of the total wattage used by traditional lighting.

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As an example we have a Hero Series High Bay Light which provides a lighting efficiency of 140 Lumens per Watt, one piece 100w Hero Series or Radar Series High Bay Light will provide 14000 Lumens. The important increase in energy efficiency with these LED High Bay Lights does not only mean you use less energy for the same purpose but that you will pay smaller electricity bills. Another great reason why you should use LED High Bay Lights for your Warehouse is that LED lighting has become more affordable.

When LED technology was almost at the end of its development, as we know it today, to get LEDs was too expensive, but today it is affordable, in some cases it may seem a bit costly for some people, but if after installation you start spending less money month after month on electricity the investment becomes a worthwhile one.

Other important aspect is that LED lights in general are sturdy and more durable than traditional older types of lighting. As an example the lifespan of a Radar Series High Bay Light goes over the 50000 hours of operation.

Another important aspect to mention is that Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are backed up by a five year warranty against quality related problems, which will cover any malfunction or issue you might encounter while using the high bay lights, you would only need to keep your order number and contact Hyperlite’s after-sales-service to get the correct replacement.

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