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Which is brighter cool white or daylight?

Tony Black |

If we want to determine which one would be brighter we need to have this in mind that when we talk about light and brightness all will lumens, lux or foot - candles these are types to measure light. Normally to measure the light on some surface is measure with lumens and foot candles that is why lighting it is all about lumens. But what are lumens, exactly? And how do we understand what are lumens in light bulbs and LED light fixtures?  Lumens is now the way to find out how bright a lighted bulb or integrated LED lighting fixture is. And if you want a fixture with bright, luminous personality, it is the key to choosing the perfect piece for your lighting scheme. We talk about foot candles so What is a foot candle? We will explain what is a foot candle with a formula to understand on a clearly way: 1 lumen / square foot = 1 foot candle, the lumens is emitted by the light and the foot candle is what the surface will receive according the disctance and lumens emitted. In simple terms, lumens (its symbol is lm) are a measure of the total amount of visible light (for our “human” eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the “brighter” the lamp will appear.
Probably we will think that some color temperature will be brighter and that is our perception could change or make us think that. The higher the color temperature is, the colder the feeling is so the lower the color temperature is, the warmer the feeling is.
We recommend the northern part of the United States (cold areas) using 4000k will give you a warm feeling if we use 4000k for cold areas we recommend 5000k warm areas using a good color temperature will make you feel comfortable.
Talking about lumens and watts (power) if the light has the same amount of lumens per watt on each color temperature none of them will be brighter. Next you will see some features of our LED Hyperlite High Bay Light Hero Series. You can dim our Hyperlite LED Lights 10 - 100% and you cannot use the dimming equipment for an incandescent bulb or other traditional light and this feature will help you if the light is too bright or simply you want to change the brightness. They have different powers such as 100, 150, 200, 250w and each light has 140 lumens per watt.

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