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What is the best led work light? | Hyperlite Work Light

What is the best led work light? | Hyperlite Work Light

Tony Black |

We know that to work we need good lighting and we need it even more if we work cleaning, car detailing, Wood working and even on our warehouses or garages we need enough light to see.

led work light

We normally offer LED High Bay Hyperlite lights however this time web ring you our LED Work Light - Hive Series this light and its features are awesome for you and your workspace.

work light

We have different power such as: 60 watts with 7500 lumens, 80 watts with 10000 lumens, 100w watts with 12500 lumens and 120 watts with 15000 lumens, that means our LED Work Light - Hive Series has 125 lumens per watt .

It is only available in 5000k (color temperature). Its CRI is >80 so will produce good lighting with high quality.

illuminated area

The beam angle is 360° so will cover all the space you need it. We offer it as an emergency work light but that does not stop it because its life span is about 50000 hours more than enough for an emergency, Are we right? We have more good news for you our LED Work Light - Hive Series has 5 years of warranty.

beam angle

Its input voltage is 100 to 277V so if your voltage is in that range the light will work without a problem however its portable design with plug and play connector, with a 120v US standard plug and 10 feet wire.

Its Shell is designed with an iron anti-fall protection net which can withstand shock and vibration.Its has a good heat dissipation. Comes with a hook and safety buckle because you can connect the lights to each other 60 watts can link 15pcs, 80 watts can link 11pcs, 100 watts can link 9pcs and 120 watts can link 7pcs.

heat sink

Our LED Work Light - Hive Series jas 6KV overload protection which can stand sudden high voltage and reduce the damage caused by current to lamps.

You can move and place the LED Work Light - Hive Series to the place you need and the move it to another place so you will have the light you need on the place you need to work.

With all this good features it is more than easy to make a decision because we as Hyperlite are here to help you and bring you high quality products.

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