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What are the advantages of LED high-bay lamps compared with traditional high-bay lamps?

Tony Black |

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are directional lights and that increases their lighting efficiency, our objective is that you just have the light where you want it.

But, on the general market you can, even now, find metal halide and other common industrial lighting technologies besides LED lights. There are some differences that are important to mention. Well, LEDs start up faster, last significantly longer, and are less susceptible to lumen depreciation. They are also much easier to dim or use with motion/occupancy sensors than HID or old linear fluorescents lights.

The most important feature, of course, is the energy—and energy bill—savings. This savings is especially noticeable with high-intensity lights, like parking lot and street lights—and high bays.

We as Hyperlite wants our old customers and our future customers to change out their old-style high bay lighting for the new LED illumination technology. How we do it? When we provide customers with LED lighting solutions, we enter the information requested about the project into software and calculate the number of fixtures and the power of watts required, so our customers can get more efficient results at the lowest cost possible. We not only produce LED products, but we also provide LED lighting solutions.

With Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights you can protect your economy and the environment, with them you can get energy savings of over 50 to 60% compared to common traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps, additionally Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights have a longer life span with 50,000 hours of operation compared to 30,000 or less hours of operation of traditional sources of light, and in that way you reduce packaging waste, transportation and many luminaire replacements.

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