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How to Choose Recessed Lighting? What are the proper Sizing, Spacing and Downlighting Techniques?

Tony Black |

A recessed light, also known as a can light, is a special kind of light usually as a good option for anyone looking to make rooms appear bigger, showcase interesting design features and ensure brighter and more uniform lighting for home area. If you don’t know about the recessed lights yet, then we can illustrate it as lighting installed into hollows in a wall or ceiling. It can also be inserted into concrete in a garden to allow for lighting from underneath. Anyway, opposed to hanging from a cable or being mounted on a lamp or other surfaces the recessed lighting provides a simpler way to illuminate your home and working area.

About the proper sizing. There are many sizes and types of recessed lighting trim to suit every user’s budget, need, and preference. The Size Of Recessed Lighting Is Determined By The Diameter Of The Can’ Or Housing With The Trim Removed.  Sizes range from three to six inches, with the most popular options being four and six inches. Therefore, The Major Difference Between 4 Inch And 6 Inch Recessed Lighting Lies in The Size of The Can. Many People Assume That Size Is Determined By Measuring Outward From The Trim. Hyperlite released a new series of two recessed lights. Our Led Down Light Halo Series and the Dove Series can be adapted to a 5/6-inch housing.

About the spacing. A simple method for estimating the number of downlights required is as follows: Recessed downlights are generally positioned 2 to 3 ft. away from walls with a space of 3 to 4 feet between each light. Dividing the ceiling height by two is a way of gauging how much space to leave between each downlight. Thus, if your ceiling is 8-foot-high, place your lights 4 feet apart. In order to Ensure the Uniformity of Light in A Room.

About the downlighting techniques. Many 6-inch lighting options allow you to physically or remotely control brightness, direction, and intensity. As a result, you can make a room as dark or light as you need it to be, create your preferred ambiance, and concentrate light on a certain area or section of the room. We recommend using 0-10v dimmer used on other recommendations for LED lighting projects as before.

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