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How many lumens do you need for parking lot lights?

How many lumens do you need for parking lot lights?

These lights can be used for different purpose and for each of them we will need a different power, that means, the number of lumens per watt. At Hyperlite we have an excellent product for outdoor lighting and the name of that product is Led Parking Lot Light - Ares Series.


What places could need Led Parking Lot Light - Ares Series? 

Outdoor places:
Parking lots, sports fields, driveways.

  • Parking lots: Typical parking structures have a height of 10.5 feet to 11.5 feet so we can put a light at that height.
  • Sport fields: We can find different types of fields for each sport but now we will see the typical field we can find every where. As we see in many places we have a lot of basketball fields to calculate the height of the light we need to know the height of the rim. The normal height for a rim is 10 feet off the ground. Now that we know this information about the rim we can estimate that putting the light 17 feet to 18 feet.
  • Driveways: The máximum height of lot parking light fixtures abutting residential development shall be fifteen feet. Otherwise, the máximum height for parking lot light structures shall be twenty feet.


Now that we know these things we can look for the ideal power for our Led Parking Lot Light - Ares Series and we have differents mounting for these lights and are the following:

The Slip Fitter Mount (SFM), The Adjustable Pole Mount (APM) and the last one Trunnion Mount (TM).


For 100 watts we have 13500 lumens, for 150 watts we have 20250 lumens, for 200 watts we have 27000 lumens, for 300 watts 40500 lumens. That give us the Efficiency of 135 lumens per watt.

                    100 watts         150 watts          200 watts              300 watts

46 feet  34 foot candle    55.1 foot candle   69 foot candle   107 footcandle

32 feet  8.6 foot candle   13.8 foot candle  17.2 foot candle  26.9 foot candle 

26 feet  4.8 foot candle   7.8 foot candle    9.7 foot candle    15.2 foot candle

20 feet  3.1 foot candle   5.0 foot candle    6.2 foot candle    9.7 foot candle

10 feet  1.6 foot candle   2.5 foot candle    3.2 foot candle    4.9 foot candle

With this information we are able to choose how many foot candles want for our place depending the height.