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How many lumens do you need for parking lot light

Tony Black |

We at Hyperlite wa have some different mountings for our parking lot lights:

LED Parking Lot Light ARES SERIES Slip Fitter Mount (SFM) LED Parking Lot Light This fixture can be configured to provide 0 to 60° both upward and downward aiming at 15° increments and is usually used for 2.5" round poles.

LED Parking Lot Light ARES SERIES Adjustable Pole Mount (APM) LED Parking Lot Light Similar to the SFM unit, this mounting unit is specially designed to fit the square poles and some other round poles too. (This is the best option for some customers who prefer the power wires to be protected)

LED Parking Lot Light ARES SERIES Trunnion Mount (TM) LED Parking Lot Light For a customer who wants more freedom at the moment of installation and specially designed to mount the unit on an exterior wall with the option to adjust the angle in 2 different directions besides the other two mounting units.

To determine what kind of power do we need first we need to know the height of the different places we can use Led Parking Lot Light - Ares Series.

Mounting height for parking lot lights can range from 12 feet to 20 feet but in some cases can reach as high as 35 feet.

For 100 watts we have 13500 lumens, for 150 watts we have 20250 lumens, for 200 watts we have 27000 lumens, for 300 watts 40500 lumens. That give us the Efficiency of 135 lumens per watt.




  At            100 watts         150 watts          200 watts              300 watts

46 feet  34 foot candle    55.1 foot candle   69 foot candle   107 footcandle

32 feet  8.6 foot candle   13.8 foot candle  17.2 foot candle  26.9 foot candle 

26 feet  4.8 foot candle   7.8 foot candle    9.7 foot candle    15.2 foot candle

20 feet  3.1 foot candle   5.0 foot candle    6.2 foot candle    9.7 foot candle

10 feet  1.6 foot candle   2.5 foot candle    3.2 foot candle    4.9 foot candle

With this information we are able to choose how many foot candles want for our place depending the height.


When we want to use lights we need to have a clear idea about the brightness we want in our place and that affect indoor and outdoor.We need to know the height, in other words, the dimensions of our building or place so we can make a good choice.

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